About the designer


Idah Aluoch, popularly known as Pax, is the mastermind behind Paxwear, a swimwear brand with a unique and empowering vision. She spent her early years in the Lake Victoria region where swimming was synonymous with bare skin as no swimwear was available. The teenage Idah moved to urban centers and was fascinated by the sight of people swimming on TV wearing fashionable swimwear. This experience not only spurred her desire to own a swimsuit but also inspired her to design one.

Idah's vision was to create swimwear that was comfortable, fitting, and empowering, featuring vibrant colors that would resonate with people's emotions and personalities. She pursued a Bachelor's degree in nutrition and dietetics, which gave her the knowledge of body fitness and good health. With this knowledge, she incorporated health and fitness principles into her designs to create athleisure wear that inspires the lifestyle that everyone dreams of when wearing Paxwear.

In 2020, Idah launched her first collections and since then, Paxwear has grown to become a brand that celebrates individuality and confidence, promoting a healthy and empowering lifestyle. Each Paxwear piece is designed to make women feel beautiful, confident, and powerful.

Paxwear's commitment to quality, fabric, and functionality ensures that women get the best swimwear experience possible. The brand goes beyond being a swimwear line; it's a lifestyle that empowers women to embrace their unique qualities and exude their powerful side.